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One Decade, over 150 Successful Collaborations

A Project with Selventa


Target Discovery

High Quality Proprietary Targets and IP

Drug Target

Lead Discovery

Drug Target

Lead Optimization

Drug Target



Efficacy and Safety Models with clinical relevance

Drug Candidate

Selventa leverages its technologies throughout the project timeline by developing optimized portfolios from proprietary patient data

Clinical Development


Phase I

Drug Candidate


Phase II

Patient Stratification and selection

Drug Candidate


Phase III

Drug Candidate

Approval Launch

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Working with Us

Types of Collaborations:

  • Identify targets
  • Determine the major mechanisms causing a specific disease
  • Develop biomarkers that identify the patients with each mechanism
  • Understand how mechanisms differ across diseases
  • Identify biomarkers to create predictive diagnostic tests

Our technology and methodology have been applied across the the research & development continuum to answer a variety of specific scientific questions.


Selventa's services consist of proprietary analytics, internal biological expertise and a team of dedicated scientists whose focuses span both sides of the collaboration.

What to expect:

  • Clear goals and deliverables
  • Transparent communications:
    • weekly phone calls
    • twice-weekly email updates
    • web conferences three times monthly
    • quarterly on-site visits


Selventa offers Software as a Service (SaaS) or usage-based licensing for it's cloud-based Development Platform (SDP).

The Selventa knowledgebase licensing (subscription) is a high quality, manually curated knowledgebase based on the OpenBEL Platform.

  • Knowledge from human, mouse and rat
  • Compiled from 50,000 publications and in excess of 600,000 causal statements
  • Captures detailed biological information to harness the current 'omics technologies (ex. SNPs, mutations, RNA/Proteins, activities, modifications)
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