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Board of Directors

Jim Matheson, Chairman


Mr. Jim Matheson joined the Selventa Board of Directors in 2005 and became Chairman in 2008. In his current role, he helps define the company’s strategic vision and brings value to Selventa’s customers and prospects based on his 20 years of technology and leadership experience.

Since becoming a General Partner with Flagship Ventures in 2000, Mr. Matheson focused on creating and funding new ventures in special technologies, sustainability and clean technology fields. He has held several roles designing, engineering and deploying sophisticated technology platforms. Previously, Mr. Matheson, a retired Commander in the U.S. Naval Reserves, served as a Navy F-14 and FA-18 pilot. He also had extensive experience in emerging aircraft and weapons system design, testing and procurement, and was involved deeply in many of the military’s IT modernization initiatives.

Mr. Matheson received an M.B.A. from The Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Science degree in systems engineering with honors from The United States Naval Academy.


Michael R. Pavia, Ph.D., Director


Dr. Michael R. Pavia joined the Selventa Board of Directors in 2005. He has over 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and discovery.

Dr. Pavia is currently an independent consultant to energy and biotechnology companies. Previously, he was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Oxford Bioscience Partners after joining the firm in 2002. Dr. Pavia also served as the Chief Technology Officer at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, where his major focus was to improve the productivity of the drug discovery and development process through the appropriate use of new technologies. He was formerly a Vice President of Cambridge Research at Sphinx Pharmaceuticals, which was sold to Eli Lilly; He was responsible for developing high-throughput combinatorial chemistry capabilities. Prior to that, he held senior scientific positions in the Department of Chemistry at the Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research Division of Warner-Lambert.

Dr. Pavia received Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Lehigh University.

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Michael Grey, Director


Mike Grey joined the Selventa Board of Directors in 2011. He has over 30 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Mr. Grey is currently a Venture Partner at Pappas Ventures and CEO of Lumena Pharmaceuticals, a private biotech company. Prior to joining Pappas Ventures, he held multiple Chief Executive Officer positions in the pharmaceutical industry. He served as the President and CEO of Auspex Pharmaceuticals, CEO of SGX Pharmaceuticals (formerly Structural GenomiX) which was eventually sold to Eli Lilly, and President and CEO of Trega Biosciences until its acquisition by Lion Bioscience. He was also President of BioChem Therapeutics, the pharmaceutical arm of BioChem Pharma. Prior to these, Mr. Grey held various roles with Glaxo Holdings plc and Glaxo Inc., including positions as Vice President of Corporate Development and Director of International Licensing. Mr. Grey is a board member at BioMarin Pharmaceutical.

He received a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom.

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