The molecular age has granted modern science the ability to produce rapid measurements for every experiment. Through our comprehensive, accurate and contextual understanding of data, Selventa transforms these measurements into actionable solutions.

Selventa's proprietary platform delivers value to our diverse group of partners through every stage of the clinical life cycle and product testing.


  • Identifying targets
  • Optimizing pre-clinical testing models
  • delivering patient stratification markers
  • designing methods by which to determine the specific biological impact of a product

Product development:

Selventa pursues strategic assets like ClarifyRA, which aims to revolutionize healthcare for RA patients. A simple blood test will monitor disease activity and provide information about the best treatments for a patient at any given time in their specific disease life cycle.

Products + Solutions

Contracting with us helps match your specific needs with our biological expertise.

Leasing our technology will grant you access to over a decade's worth of harnessed biological knowledge.

Our capabilities can address your needs:

  • License our proprietary knowledgebase
  • Engage in our scientific consulting collaborations to answer specific questions
  • License our cloud-based platform (SDP), leveraged to address modern challenges facing the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and consumer products industries

Selventa's methodologies:

A comprehensive knowledge of how drugs/products work, combined with an equally proficient understanding of disease biology

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Understanding of disease biology at the molecular level, which is grounded in our proprietary analytics and coupled with our clients' molecular data

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